Restaurant Questions

In brief, you offer Delivery and Online Ordering from their website
You are offering restaurants the tools and services to increase profits and build their OWN brands.
    You will provide restaurants with:
    1. An on-demand delivery service. Delivery is now expected by customers so restaurant know they need to offer it. You can provide delivery at a very competitive rate, allowing restaurants to increase revenues and profits.
      2. Accountability. Because your service is locally owned, the restaurant has much greater confidence in the quality of the delivery service. This is a big frustration for restaurant owners. No area manager from a national delivery company cares about the quality of every individual delivery the way the owner of a local delivery service does.
        3. Up-to-date, dynamic menus that are mobile-friendly.
        Most customers decide where to eat based on the menu, but independent restaurants have difficulty displaying current menus on their websites in a format that is convenient for their customers. Menus are out of date or require the user to download a pdf. We solve this problem at no cost to the restaurant, and with no work or effort required of them.
          4. A great-looking, mobile-friendly website.
          This is an option and not required for working with us, but it's a huge benefit to most smaller or new restaurants.
            5. Online-ordering that allows the restaurant to KEEP their customers and not send them to GrubHub or UberEATS, etc.
            This solves a huge problem for restaurants. By working with us, they can process online orders and provide delivery while keeping the customer on their OWN website. The restaurant builds the relationship directly with their own customer instead of turning them into GubHub's customer. And the restaurant keeps the customer data, along with the ability to re-market to them.
              6. Improved cash flow.
              Our approach improves restaurant cash flow since there is no invoicing or waiting for payment. The order transactions occur on the restaurant's website and are deposited directly into the restaurant's bank account just like any other credit card transaction.
                All of the above are offered at rates that are highly competitive and easy for the restaurant to manage (because we manage it).
                Not a problem at all, and it usually makes your job easier.
                  Restaurants can continue to work with any other delivery service. It does not interfere with your offer. Restaurants may still want the marketing that they get through GrubHub or UberEATS, but they will prefer to have customers order from their own website.
                    If restaurants have been working with other delivery services, they already understand the basics of how things work and have made the decision that delivery is important for their business. Any difficulties they have working with large delivery companies usually open a great conversation for you to highlight your competitive strengths.
                    Restaurants can continue to provide that if they like. In general though, it's not a part of their business that they like to manage.
                      Your delivery will be less expensive, available on demand, free of management hassles, and it will be properly covered with driver insurance.
                        Most restaurants that do their own delivery have significant liability and do not have insurance to cover it.
                        Your delivery will allow the restaurant to increase profits through incremental sales, which means that the restaurant will have higher revenue without a corresponding increase in their costs.
                          As an example, if you bring the restaurant an extra $1000 per week in delivery sales, what are their additional costs to generate it?
                            To generate an additional $1000/week, or $150 per day, no restaurant will say that they need to hire a new employee or have anyone work extra hours. Any restaurant can easily make several additional orders per day with their existing staff. The restaurant labor costs will not increase by adding delivery.
                              Likewise, the restaurant does not need to increase the cost of their lease, expand their kitchen or otherwise increase their overhead expenses to do an extra $150 per day in sales.
                                The only costs attributable to the new delivery revenue are:
                                1. food (industry average is about 30%)
                                2. your contract rate (25% average delivery rate)
                                Totaling about 55%.
                                  In our example then, $1000 of additional delivery revenue comes with an increased cost of just $550, leaving the restaurant with a profit of 45% or $450.
                                    The incremental sales from delivery are extremely profitable since most of the restaurant's expenses will remain the same whether they do delivery or not. By adding delivery, they increase the amount of sales they generate with the same operational expenses.
                                      This higher profitability comes with all the other benefits you provide, adding a service their customers are seeking elsewhere, providing a better experience on their website, and building their brand with customers.
                                      Restaurants contract with you to coordinate delivery of their prepared meals to their customers.
                                      They pay you a commission to assure that the restaurant's customers can have a high quality delivery experience.
                                      Nothing in particular is required. One of the competitive benefits that you will offer is the restaurant knowing that your service is locally owned and responsive to the restaurant's needs. If you stop in to say hello and solicit feedback from the restaurant about your drivers, you will stand out among the delivery competition.
                                      Not much. As part of your startup, we will provide you with printed leave-behinds that tell the restaurant about the services offered and the general benefits provided.
                                        The most effective part of signing up a new restaurant is a face-to-face conversation with a restaurant owner. They like to know who they are dealing with and have confidence that they can trust you to deliver their food to best represent the brand that they have built.
                                          Printed marketing materials can provide a useful introduction and focus of attention, but the in-person conversation establishes the relationship to make a sale. We'll provide those marketing materials as needed, at our cost.
                                          We are here to help.
                                            There are only a handful of different conversations and questions that you will have with restaurants, and you will get a feel pretty quickly for how to approach these in your own style. Eatzy will provide outlines of common questions and answers, and we will spend time working with you one-on-one to get you comfortable with the restaurant sales approach.
                                            The two most common delivery errors are missing items and mis-made items. The restaurant is responsible for food preparation, and the drivers will have all details of an order to help prevent items from being forgotten. The restaurant can pay for delivery if a re-delivery is required.
                                              For delivery errors related to a driver (late pickup, late drop-off, items damaged in transit), you can decide what compensation is needed and who pays for it based on the circumstances.
                                              Starting up is always the most difficult part. Staffing the right number of drivers for the expected order volume is tricky, especially when you're still signing up your first few restaurants. Eatzy is able to help smooth this out.
                                              1. With DDN, you have an established team to help recruit and on-board new applicants as quickly as possible.
                                              2. Since DDN is doing most of the leg-work bringing on new drivers, you have more time available to add restaurants to your network. Generally once you get to 10 restaurants, your order volume is fairly predictable and is sufficient to keep a regular staff of drivers busy. Our support gives you the time to add new restaurant partners.
                                              3. Because your orders will originate directly from the restaurants' websites, you will start receiving delivery orders very quickly after the menus go live. There is not a time lag (and expense) of marketing your service, building up your brand name and establishing a new customer base. You are building your service while growing the restaurants' existing customer base.
                                              4. Eatzy's partner network allows your drivers to deliver from many chain restaurants right out of the gate. This provides the opportunity for a great base of orders to keep your drivers busy and making money while you're still signing up your first group of restaurants.
                                              5. Our technology allows very flexible throttling of order volume depending on driver capacity. Quoted delivery times are lengthened, delivery zones can be curtailed, orders from chain restaurants can be limited, etc.
                                              We have a lot of experience launching new areas and can help you every step of the way to grow your business.
                                              We offer the restaurant a combination of ways to receive new orders:
                                              1. Email
                                              2. Fax
                                              3. Tablet App
                                              They can choose any one of those, or any combination.  For example, they can receive all orders on the Tablet App, all orders over $100 also sent to the fax, and for large orders of $300 or more an email can be sent to the owner and to the manager. There is no additional charge for any option.
                                              Orders that are received by the Tablet App generate an audible and visual alert. The restaurant confirms the order via the app, and the dispatcher can see when this happens. If this is not done within a few minutes, the dispatcher will call to confirm the order.
                                                Orders sent by fax or email are accompanied by a phone call to confirm receipt.