Eatzy One-Time Setup Fee: $500

– full system configuration, including detailed delivery zones
– setup of 10 restaurant menus ($800 value)
– sales training and assistance
– operations coaching and training as needed
– contracts
– marketing materials
– business cards


Eatzy, transaction fee (i.e. applies only when orders are received)

– Order processing fee: 5% (of food subtotal)


Eatzy, administration and management services

– Dispatching, daily management, administration: 10% (of food subtotal, delivery orders only)
– new restaurant setup: $80
– ongoing menu updates: included
– technology platform: included


DDN, driver administration services

–┬árecruitment, driver ads, hiring
– applicant screening and background checks
– driver orientation
– IC driver contracts
– IC compliance and paperwork management
– hired and non-owned insurance
– driver app – iPhone, Android
– scheduling
– dispatching – order assignment, tracking, driver assistance
– shift oversight
– order integration (Olo,,, etc)
– Payroll, driver payments
– Tax reporting and filing for driver payments
DDN cost
$.25 per order (only for orders from your contracted restaurants)
$5/week per active driver
$20 per new driver hire


Delivery services charge for their services by
1. negotiating a discount with the restaurant. Industry standard for delivery is 25%-30% and for takeout is 5%-20%.
2. charging a delivery fee to customers, typically ranging between $3.99-$9.99 depending on distance and the type of area
Some services also charge additional service fees or mark up restaurant menu items. While those methods can increase revenue on individual orders, they also greatly discourage customers from ordering. So while it’s possible to charge extra fees, we don’t recommend doing so.
As a delivery service owner, your income all depends on the rates you charge to restaurants, the restaurants you choose to work with, and the volume of orders you receive.
For example, if you contract a restaurant at 8% for Takeout and 22% for Delivery orders (which is below industry average), then you will be making a gross profit of 3% on all Takeout orders and 7% on Delivery.
Almost ALL of your expenses are already included in our services, so the extra percentage in your contract rates is YOUR INCOME.
DDN also pays a credit of $.50 per order that originates from an integration partner (such as Olo, EatStreet,, etc) instead of one of your contracted restaurants. These integrated restaurants are usually large chains, so you’re able to do deliveries and get extra revenue from high-volume restaurants without even contracting with them.
These partnerships can also help you start doing deliveries on day one, and they add a lot of credibility as you begin working with locally owned restaurants.