At Eatzy, we have been in the restaurant delivery business for the past 20 years. An awful lot has changed in the industry during that time, but the key to this business has always been good customer service. We believe that is best achieved when a local owner is directly involved in the key relationships of the business.


Territory Owner

A Territory Owner has two primary areas of responsibility in this process:
1. Restaurant relations
2. Driver relations
When those two areas are handled well, then the most important factor – customer satisfaction – is a natural result.

Eatzy frees you up from the routine business tasks so that you can focus on those two most important areas that can only be done well when they’re done locally, by a business owner.

We provide all the technology and support services to make locally-owned restaurant delivery a profitable and easy-to-run business.

The Territory Owner is able to run a restaurant delivery service without needing the investment and constant overhead of an office, customer service staff, dispatchers, sales personnel, technology development, etc.


Support from Eatzy AND DDN

Eatzy provides the technology to bring in orders and efficiently manage the daily operations. We have staff on hand to watch over everything, dispatch orders, and communicate with restaurants, drivers and customers as necessary.

Eatzy works with DDN to provide seamless integration and communication with delivery drivers. DDN helps the Territory Owner with the routine needs of your driver network, handling the initial recruitment, pre-screening, document verification, contracting, onboarding, scheduling, insurance and payments to drivers.


Your Key Role

The Territory Owner is a relationship builder.

Establish new relationships with restaurant owners and managers. Keep in contact with them and make sure they are happy with the service your drivers are providing.

Build up the capacity of your driver network. Make sure the drivers know how to do a good job, that they show up for their scheduled shifts, are happy with the income they are making, etc.

Adjust delivery fees and zones to balance the needs of your restaurants, drivers and customers.

Grow your business by reaching out to new restaurants, keeping your drivers happy with a good income, and expanding your territory.


Territory Owner FAQ

Eatzy helps you launch and operate your own Restaurant Delivery Service (RDS). Third-party RDS businesses help restaurants grow by delivering the restaurant's food to hungry customers. Restaurants get extra sales without needing extra space or employees.

Delivery has been the fastest-growing segment of the $800 billion/year restaurant industry for the past several years.

Eatzy enables you to own your own RDS, building your network of restaurants and drivers. We provide all the technology needed to operate - websites, online ordering, dispatching, delivery apps, etc. And we provide a full suite of support services to enable you to operate your business without investing in office space and hiring a bunch of employees. You pay only for the services you use, as you use them.
You focus on building your network of restaurants and developing your team of drivers.

Offer your services and contract with the restaurants you want to work with.

Tailor your zones and fees to best fit the needs of your local area.

Develop your network of drivers so that they make great money and provide top-notch service to your restaurants and customers.
Eatzy is a technology platform built just for restaurant delivery since 1998.

We also provide all the experience and services to create a "plug-and-play" delivery service on our platform.

We handle all the software configuration of your zones and fees and everything else.

After you sign up a restaurant, we do all the data entry and build the menu, making it quick and easy for you and the restaurant to start working together.

Eatzy provides dispatching and customer service. When orders come in, they are sent to the restaurant and assigned to a driver. The dispatchers make sure that everything is going according to plan. With our predictive alerts, they contact the driver or the restaurant if any step of the process is delayed and take steps to prevent a small problem from turning into a big for the customer.

All the routine work is managed by Eatzy. You don't need to sit and watch for orders to come in, making sure everything is going ok. You don't need to hire staff to manage customer service and run the business.

You spend your time where it matters, growing your driver network and building your relationships with restaurant owners.
Eatzy contracts with you to provide delivery support services for restaurants that work with Eatzy.
Delivery Driver Network or DDN is a driver services company. They help independent contractor delivery drivers find work and operate profitably.
You can use DDN to connect your restaurants to drivers.

DDN will provide recruitment, screening and on-boarding; driver apps and scheduling; driver insurance and payment processing.

You can choose to work (or not) with any individual driver from DDN.

And you can set the standards by which they operate with your restaurants and customers.
The most important work that is done by the local owner involves building personal relationships with restaurant owners and with drivers.

You identify the individual restaurants that you want to work with, make contact with them and offer your services. Eatzy then negotiates to contract with the restaurant.

Once the restaurant is on board and your network provides delivery, you then make sure that the restaurant stays happy with the quality of service provided.

On the driver side, you help them make money by structuring your fees and zones to balance their needs with those of the restaurants and customers. You make sure drivers know how to provide the level of customer service that leads to the best tips and highest income.  Guide drivers to work in the areas and times of day when delivery is most in demand.
DDN takes care of most of the routine work of hiring drivers.

They do the initial advertising and recruitment and then provide prescreening and gather the necessary documents from drivers. They do phone interviews and answer questions.

DDN handles orientation and on-boarding, getting drivers in the system and ready to work.

Once drivers are ready, they are connected to you. You choose the best path after that - meet them in person, chat on the phone about expectations, or just get them on the schedule ASAP.

After you approve a driver, DDN provides insurance and handles the payouts to drivers are working. You don't need to spend time on the daily or weekly tasks involved in contracting and paying drivers.
No. Eatzy provides dispatching services.

When orders are received, they are sent to the restaurant for preparation and assigned to a driver for delivery. The timing of all tasks is predicted and controlled by our system, and the progress is monitored by dispatchers. If any step of the process looks to be delayed, then the dispatchers will take the necessary actions to prevent it from turning into a problem for the customer.

If there is any more significant problem with your restaurants or drivers, you will be alerted, but all routine order processing is handled without any time or oversight needed from you.
It's really up to you.

When talking to restaurant owners about signing up with you, the afternoon is generally best (the slow time after the lunch rush, before dinner gets started). Some restaurant owners will be available in the morning as well, but there really are not that many hours during the week that are available for your restaurant conversations.

Conveniently, your drivers are working during the hours that are busiest for restaurants, so that can be a good time to contact or meet with drivers, however you see fit.  
Wherever you want.

Look for an area with several independent, locally-owned restaurants nearby. The services we offer are particularly in demand there. The more popular the restaurants, the better, of course.

Chain restaurants are also great for delivery, but the sales process for them can take a long time. Fortunately, through our partnerships you can work seamlessly with many popular chains almost immediately. Any area that has a combination of these chains and independent restaurants presents a great opportunity to launch your delivery service.
No office is needed.

Drivers check in and check out remotely. Customer service and dispatching is provided by Eatzy. There is no other staffing that would require an office.
There are no particular times when you need to be available.

The daily operations are covered by Eatzy, so there are no hours that you need to work to manage the regular operations of the business.

You can set your own schedule for contacting your drivers and restaurants.
Eatzy pays you a portion of every order successfully delivered by your driver network.

Your total income is based on the restaurants you work with and on the order volume that your drivers deliver.

The amount you make per order varies, but it averages several dollars per delivery. Most Territory Owners make a profit of around 10% of each order.

The number of orders you deliver daily will depend on the number of restaurants you work with, the popularity of those restaurants and the area your are in. If you work with 25 restaurants, and they deliver an average of 3 orders per day, then you would be making about $4 per order times 75 orders, or $300 in a day.

The driver costs are generally covered by the delivery fee charged to the customer, and the costs of operating the daily business are covered by Eatzy, so that payment per order is your actual income.
Typically you will not have any employees.

Your drivers are independent contractors and you do not need to hire any dispatchers or customer service personnel since Eatzy provides those services for you.
Eatzy will send you business cards and some printed marketing materials.

We will help you identify the types of locally owned restaurants that have the most success, are in the best areas for delivery, etc. You can also approach any restaurant you want about delivery.

We will provide you with a ton of upfront and ongoing support to learn the ins and outs of signing restaurants for your service.

Hate doing sales? No problem. Make a quick introduction at the restaurant and drop off your card and leave-behind. Eatzy will take care of the rest of the sales process. Ask us for more detail about how this works.
Definitely! Your income is greatest when you do so.

Eatzy will help you with all steps of the sales process, and you can negotiate your own rates with any restaurant you want to work with.
Yes, we are contracted to provide delivery services for dozens of national and regional chain restaurants.

If any of these brands are located in your territory, your drivers are eligible to receive orders from them, and you receive a portion of each delivery.